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What is WILPF?
WILPF is the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, the oldest women’s peace organisation in the world.
In which countries are WILPF active?
WILPF has Sections and Branches in 40 countries, but new Sections pops up every year. If you want to keep track of all our Sections, click here to read more about our Sections →
Is it true that WILPF is the oldest women peace organisation in the world?
The short answer is «YES». We were founded in 1915, which makes us very old today(but still going strong!). Curious to find out more? Read about our history →
WHO founded WILPF?
WILPF was founded  during the First World War, when 1,200 women came together in The Hague. They discussed how to eliminate the causes of war, issued resolutions, sent out delegations to most countries engaged in the First World War and created the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. WILPF for short. The first International President of WILPF was Jane Addams. Read more about our history and about Jane Addams.
What do WILPF want to achieve?
WILPF wants to achieve a more just and equal world, free of war and violence, where everyone has the full benefit of human rights. WILPF also seeks universal disarmament.
Can men be members?
Yes, WILPF does have male members.
How can I get involved?
You can become a member, share your talent or donate to WILPF. There are many ways to join us … and we’d really like you to. Click here to find out how, if you want to become part of our peace community. Yes, I want to join WILPF.
How can I contact the Sections and Branches?
You can find the contact informations on many of our Sections on this website. Just go to Sections. You can also visit the different Sections’ websites by scrolling down on the drop down menu at the top of the website. Follow the yellow arrow!

About WILPF International

How does WILPF International carry out its work?
At the international level, WILPF organises and executes specific programmes, and also seeks to influence policy through the United Nations. An emphasis is placed on the linkages among economic, social and cultural issues and conflict, violence and patriarchy. Awareness raising, conferences, and side events are a part of the WILPF strategy as well.
What is the relationship between WILPF International and the Section and Branches?
WILPF International regularly keeps in contact with the sections and branches and provides information and newsletters about what is happening in Geneva, particularly during the Human Rights Council and the Universal Periodic Review. WILPF provides strategic advice for national sections who seek to engage with the UN processes.
Can I be a member of WILPF International?
Anyone can be a member of WILPF International. If you’d like to be a member of WILPF, check to see if there is a Section in your country. However, if you would prefer to be a member of WILPF International, that’s great too! Click here to see how to join WILPF.
How can I contact WILPF International?
Here are all the contact details that you need. If you want to get in contact with a specific Staff member, then check out the Staff section.

Donating to WILPF

Where will my money go?
If you donate money to WILPF, it will go into our general work. We are very grateful for these donations as they give us the freedom to plan our work.  If you want to choose where the money goes, you can also donate to a specific programme. Read about donating to specific causes.
Can I donate to a specific programme or project?
Yes. Read more about donating to specific causes.
How will I know what difference my money makes?
If you want to know how we spend our money, then sign up to our mailing list «Annual Report». The next annual report will be out in May/June 2013
How do I make a donation?
It’s easy. Just visit our donate page.
How many paid staff does WILPF International have?

Working for WILPF International

Are there any free jobs at WILPF International in Geneva or New York?
Maybe, maybe not. Go to our jobs page to see vacant positions.
Do WILPF International offer internships in Geneva or New York?
Yes, indeed. We love our interns … and they certainly don’t only make coffee. We promise! Read all about our internships.
How do I volunteer for WILPF International?
We are always looking out for volunteers. If you’re a keen graphic designer, film-maker, musician or wordpress-shark and would like to share your talent, we’d love to hear from you. We are also looking for volunteers to help us in the offices. And new ideas are more than welcome! Read more about volunteering.
How do I volunteer for a specific Section or Branch?
If you wish to volunteer locally in a specific country, then contact the section directly.

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