Underskriftskampanje fra International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

On Friday 10th February, we launch our Global Week of Action for a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons. During this week, ICAN campaigners around the world will organise events and activities. We want to make sure we start the week with as much noise as possible, and we need your help!

Click here to join our Thunderclap

A Thunderclap is a way of organising that one single message can be mass-shared by people from all over the world on social media at the same time. We want to reach out to a huge audience with one important message at the start of our global week of action – nuclear weapons are a threat, and we’re going to ban them!

If you have a Facebook account, a Twitter account or a Tumblr account, it only takes 30 seconds to participate in this action.

About 650 people have already signed up to participate in this action, but we want to reach 1,000 by Friday. So click on the link and sign up to let the world know that a treaty banning nuclear weapons is coming!

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