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WILPFs internasjonale webinar “Feminist Resistance: Militarism and Climate Change” fant sted 6. oktober. Du kan se opptak av møtet her:


The recent IPCC report has made the world strikingly aware that the current rate of climate change is a ‘code red for humanity’. Yet, the role of the military as the world’s single greatest emitter in use of fossil fuels is sorely overlooked, even willfully ignored.
Join WILPF sections from around the world as we prepare for #COP26 with a free webinar “Feminist Resistance: Militarism and Climate Change” to learn about the role of #militarismin the #climate emergency and celebrate the potential of climate action, feminism, and peace to provide transformative solutions.
Register for free today and be part of the movement for change: https://bit.ly/3luyESp

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