Skjermbilde fra zoom-møtet.

Ingeborg Breines holdt foredrag på WILPF US sin kongress i august – om norsk fredsbevegelses sitt arbeid for et bedre naboforhold til Russland. Foredraget gikk direkte over zoom.

Dear friends.

Thank you for the invitation to briefly present some ongoing efforts to strengthen Nordic- Russian civil society relations, and to reflect on whether the time now is ripe to try friendship with Russia, instead of animosity.

I am online with you from some beautiful islands in the north of Norway, way north of the Polar circle, made rather comfortable for living by the touch of the warm Gulf Stream. Norway, as you may now, has a common border with Russian in the extreme north and a negotiated dividing line in the Barents Sea/North Sea, regulating the rich fisheries, especially cod, as well as oil, gas and mineral drilling. This is especially important in a period when interest in the Arctic is growing as climate change opens for more exploitation of natural resources and for transport and traffic in the now partly ice-free North-East Passage.

Norway has never had any armed conflict with Russia. The people of the north, not least the indigenous Sami people, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian and Swedish, have over the centuries relied for their survival on exchange of goods, trade and good neighbourhood. All the countries of the Arctic, including USA and Canada, are members of the Arctic Council, an exceptionally important body for cooperation and understanding, which it is vital to keep non-militarized and non-politicized.

Les hele foredraget her: 

Neighbours as friends Ingeborg Breines

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