The WILPF US Section is holding their 35th Triennial Congress from 29 May to 2 June, 2024 on Zoom (online participation possible). This year’s theme is «Water on the Frontlines for Peace». WILPF US would like to invite WILPFers globally to join if interested. 


Join us May 29-June 2, 2024 at our Virtual Congress!

Water is essential, yet our expectations that it will always be there excludes the activism and advocacy that is required to maintain our planet’s supply of this fundamental key to our existence. During this year’s Triennial Congress (May 29-June 2), WILPF will explore the pathways that we can unite with other activists and organizations around to protect this essential life force.

Our 2024 WILPF US Congress will cover many issues around growing shortages of fresh water, including competition for water, expanding economies, conflict, major inequities and development challenges, plus growing environmental degradation including climate change.

Please join WILPF as we work together with others towards sustaining a safer and better world. We will hear from experts in the field regarding water topics, discuss matters surrounding this essential source of life and coordinate ways to organize our efforts in working together towards protecting our water.

WILPF’s 2024 Congress will highlight the engagement of our issue committees, branches, and members and regional and organizational representatives on this theme – now and over the next two years – through learning, advocacy, and action. There will be presentations from Issue Committees which include cultural and creative expressions. Updates will be presented from peace workers from different corners of our Section. There is FUN lined up with interesting presentations by water protectors across the nation.  WATER IS LIFE!

Here is the link to the Congress website where you may click on a comprehensive schedule and on each day’s schedule, all according to US Eastern Daylight time.  Please use the time converter at the top of the schedule so that you can see the times of the presentations in your area.  If none of the times and dates work for you, the Section will be posting recordings of the Congress on youtube as well.
While this Congress is mainly focused on US Section water issues, many of them do apply to issues in other sections. There are contributors from the International Secretariat, including an opening by President Sylvie Ndongmo and a presentation by former EWG Convenor Tamara Lorincz, among other things.  
At present, the Congress will be held in the English language only due to limited resources.
For more information and registration, please check the website or contact or Congress Program Chair Nancy Price at 
Registration fees are indicated on the website.
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