Interview with Carmen Magallón, WILPF/ minister for Peace, Spain, Aug’23

• A ministry has the power to set in motion a vision-driven programme. What is your vision for peace?

Peace is a universal good. Peace is a culture. The culture of peace
requires the elimination of all kinds of violence: wars, structural violence,
gender violence…
Building culture of peace needs action from government and citizens, women and men. My guide is feminist experience, the historical legacy of
women who revolutionized culture  without killing.

• What actions towards the citizenry?
– A national poll, to find out current mentality; generate public debate:
the question: “ Is building a culture of peace in
our country; in the world an objective worthy of the efforts of
government; citizens? What ideas can you come up with?”
– Supporting cultural projects (films, theatre, AI) that raise awareness and
knowledge of the history of women peacemakers
– Against gender-based violence, working with adolescents:  You can
assert masculinity from other challenges, it is not weapons and
domination that will make you a man

  What actions within the government?

– Monthly meeting of ministries to detecting & acting against violences
– Mobilise the countrys diplomacy to push for ceasefires; negotiations in ongoing wars
– Work for the elimination of the veto in the UN-Security Councel

• What to ask cities to build a culture of peace?

– Supporting daily tasks of care
– Encourage relationships in the face of individualism, build
intergenerational communities
– Tackle loneliness

Any concrete measure for peace

Asking for collaboration of people who generate mimicry: tick-tockers,
footballers, singers, bloggers…

Her kan du laste månedens fredsminister ned som pdf: CarmenMagallón_MinisterOfPeace_aug’23

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